6 Reasons To Invest In Solar Energy
#1. Longevity and durability. Solar panels have an average life span of about 30 years. After installing just a few panels, you can begin powering your home with renewable energy. Moreover, solar panels are designed to be used in climates that are considered harsh. A common misconception is that direct sunshine is necessary to convert the energy to electricity. In reality, even on a cloudy day solar panels are able to convert solar energy into thermal or electrical power (just not in the same capacity). #2. The government can fund your solar project. If you invest in solar energy, you become eligible to receive Federal, State, Provincial And Utility tax rebates and incentives. This is a great time to invest money into a PV system, because the Federal government, as well as various states in the U.S. offer rebates and tax incentives to residences and businesses to install solar panels. The rebates can be as high as 30 percent of the installation cost of a new system. #3. Unlimited power. While many people will be whining about high energy costs and gas prices, you will have an unlimited supply of electricity from solar power. So, unless the sun explodes and destroys our solar system (!), you will never have to worry about your power supply. #4. Air quality. As most people are aware, one of the major reasons renewable energy, particularly solar energy, is currently looked on so favourably, is that there is an increasing threat to the environment posed by carbon emissions, mainly due to the strong coloration between carbon dioxide and global warming. Solar power systems do not have any mechanical parts and do not require fuel in order to operate. They supply pollutant-free electricity which is renewable daily. The more money that is invested in solar energy, the less we will have to depend on polluting, expensive fossil fuels. This will in turn result in cleaner air. #5. Easy installation. When it comes to solar panels, there is no need to invest money into a large number of costly solar panels immediately. You can set up one panel at a time, and install additional panels whenever you want. Also, installing solar panels is much easier than people think. It is possible to do it yourself, or you can have a professional installer do the job for you. #6. Eliminating the power bill. Many people report that it seems like they are paying more every month for about the same amount of electricity. If you install a solar power system onto your home, then you can get your share of all that free energy from the sun, and you will definitely see your power bill drop or even disappear altogether. For more information go to: wikipedia.org, solarenergy.com

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