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Source: A CBC News presentation in an interview with Peter Puccetti of Goodwood Funds. Mr. Puccetti brings a number of positive reasons why one would invest in renewable energy funds with the example of one particular international company, Boralax. The questions and answers are relevant to what anyone needs to consider when investing in any renewable energy technology.
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Geothermal Energy Companies

Updated data on actual progress in the geothermal energy topic as well as electrical dollar output that can be converted to a return on investment. Continue Reading »

The Alternative Energy Sector - Venture Capitalists Invest Billions In The Second Quarter Of 2010

In investment news, it has been reported that in the first quarter of 2012, venture capitalists invested only 5.8 billion US dollars into 758 deals. Compared to the fourth quarter 2010, the total investments measured decreased by 15 percent in the number of deals and by 19 percent in terms of dollars. According to the President of NVCA, Mark Heesen, the decrease in investment concurs to shifts in the venture space. Nevertheless, this has allowed to only investing in the best entrepreneurs and technologies. This dynamic has created momentum in the early stage sectors, in which there are great opportunities and reasonable valuations. Life science and alternative technology sector investments, which are usually more capital intensive and longer term, are balanced by smaller information technology sector deals. This creates an abundance of opportunities for venture capitalists, entrepreneurs, and limited partners.
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How To Invest In Solar Power - Tips From The Experts

Solar power is becoming more and more popular in nanotech space and the Green Tech. There is solar-cell paint, solar-cell shingles for roofs, and even solar-powered backpacks, which can charge a mobile phone if left in the sun. The question is how to be smart about which products to invest in. How can one effectively invest in solar power?
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Invest In Stocks - The Israeli Company That Will Save The World From Drought.

Stock investor information: For years, IDE (Israel Desalination Enterprises) has been developing reverse osmosis technology, which is now able to produce one cubic meter of water for around 60 US cents. This is significantly lower than the price per cubic meter of existing plants.
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Alternative Energy Companies

Ever since Obama and a Democratic Congressional majority have been ushered into power, many alternative energy companies have greatly expanded. The reason for such an increase in alternative energy projects is due to the expectations of having a President who mentioned during his campaign that he was a big supporter of alternative energy investment. Many alternative energy companies are adding personnel in anticipation of seeing a great influx of alternative energy investment in both the commercial and governmental sectors. Many people see alternative energy projects as a bright spot in the tumultuous current economy.
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Tidal And Wave Energy

1. Pacific Gas And Electric Company, Symbol PCG
Pacific Gas And Electric Company stock can be a great way to invest in tidal and wave energy. This is one of the alternative energy stocks expected to take off. This company is constructing the first commercial wave power plant in the United States, and it will be located off the California coast.
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Green Investing
  • Green investing options can include renewable energy stocks and alternative energy funds, and these can be good forms of socially responsible investing
  • Buying mutual funds can include renewable energy mutual funds and international mutual funds, and the best energy mutual fund will depend on the investor and the specific circumstances

1. Examine All Aspects Of Renewable Energy Stocks Renewable energy stocks are all different, and a thorough examination and evaluation should be done for each possible option. Some alternative energy funds and stocks may actually only have a small percentage of their business in this sector, with the rest in unrelated areas. Ensure that the investments chosen have most of their base in alternative energy.

2. Choose Green Investing Methods Which Are Effective Socially responsible investing does not have to mean a loss, as long as the investor chooses investments which are effective and are actually green. There are many sources of renewable energy, and some are more efficient and cost less than others, to produce the same amount of power. Choose options which have been proven to be effective and efficient, to maximize the return potential and keep risks low.

3. Look For Familiar Technologies With Alternative Energy Funds The best energy mutual fund, or other investment type, is one where the investor is familiar with the technologies, concepts, and the standards of the investment. Not understanding these factors can lead to big investing mistakes and losses. Choosing funds and stocks which use familiar technologies will allow the investor to determine just how green an option really is.

4. Choose Renewable Energy Stocks In Companies Whose Main Business Is In Renewable Energy Beware of alternative energy funds and renewable energy stocks that are involved in more than one product, service, or sector. There are companies and funds which use the words green or socially responsible that may have most of their business in another sector entirely. Make sure the investments chosen are completely green and are not involved in any harmful products or services.

5. Choose The Right Green Investing Sector After A Complete Evaluation Green investing can cover many sectors, such as alternative energy, organic, and others. The perfect sector may vary from one investor to the next, depending on the investment strategies, goals, and circumstances. Choose the sector which fits best with the goals and investment strategies being used. Avoid any options which fall outside the acceptable risk levels.

6. Look For Renewable Energy Stocks Which Have A Successful History History is important. Look for renewable energy stocks and alternative energy funds which have a history available that has shown past successes. This lowers the amount of risks involved due to little information and history. More information means better investment decisions, and bigger returns with fewer losses.

7. Be Wary Of Energy Mutual Funds Which Are Not Diversified Diversification is a very important factor in investing. The best clean energy fund is one that is diverse, and covers a number of sectors and areas. Alternative energy funds may include wind, solar, and hydro power investments as well as others. Diversification is crucial, because if one area drops in the market upward swings in other areas will usually offset these losses and lead to small portfolio gains instead.

8. When Buying Mutual Funds Keep Fund Management Costs Low Any investment, whether it is green investing or another type, benefits from lower costs and expenses. These charges deduct from the return seen by the investment, and have a negative impact. Cost should never be the only factor involved, but expenses should be kept to a minimum for the best possible success and profit.

9. International Mutual Funds Can Be Alternative Energy Funds As Well International mutual funds can be a big part of green investing. There are many international and foreign companies which make quality products or offer quality services, and they can make socially responsible investing more diverse and profitable. 10. Follow The Socially Responsible Investing Guidelines And Strategies Put In Place, To Find The Best Energy Mutual Fund Possible For Each Investor Investment strategies and goals are created for a very important reason, they eliminate emotion from the equation. Alternative energy funds and renewable energy stocks can be very environmentally friendly, but this does not make them all terrific investment choices. Do not let the desire to make the world a better place interfere with investment decisions that should to be based on facts and logic instead.

Biodiesel Companies
  • Biodiesel companies may be some of the big energy leaders in the future
  • The giant oil corporations have started investing in biofuels
  • At some point biodiesel companies may become one of the dominant environmentally friendly fuel suppliers around the globe

Biodiesel companies may be one of the fuel providers of the future, but will they ever take over the oil giants and rule the fuel marketplace? The answer to this may be both yes and no, because there are a number of different factors that must be addressed to answer this question. The oil giants will probably never go out of business, but they may change their energy strategies and adapt new biodiesel policies and products to reflect growing shortages in new fossil fuel reserves, and increasing global energy demand. Many large oil giants are investing more money in renewable alternative energy sources including biodiesel, and this does two things. It keeps the large fossil fuel corporations in the market and allows them to stay competitive, and it injects new capital into biodiesel companies to allow for further research and development. This fuel type can be very effective and efficient, and can be made from many types of biomass which are commonly available. These biofeedstocks can include algae, crop waste, plants like jojoba and rapeseed, and even vegetation which thrives in unfertile ground where food crops could not flourish. Biodiesel may play a large part in the fuel debate, in the present and the future, and this fuel is used now in some vehicles to cut down carbon emissions and other greenhouse gases.

Many biodiesel companies are still small, because many investors have been leery of the alternative energy sector. This is in part due to the economic downturn and in part to uncertainty over which of the many renewable alternative energy sources are the ones which will become dominant in the future. One reason that the giant oil companies are starting to see the light, and invest in biodiesel companies, is that the United States Government has issue mandates which force oil companies to blend in biofuels, to make fuel more efficient and environmentally friendly. These mandates increase the percentage of the fuel for vehicles that must be biofuel over a specified time frame. Petroleum companies have no choice but to blend biofuels with fossil fuels, to comply with these mandates, and that means that a steady supply of these fuels will be needed. Joint ventures and acquisitions will allow the large oil corporations to stay competitive without being edged out of the energy market in the future. BP is one company that has already done this, with a biofuel production company named Verenium. This venture concerns ethanol, and not biodiesel companies, but the same thing is occurring where biodiesel is concerned as well. Even when fossil fuels are no longer used, many big oil companies will still survive and even thrive by using their almost unlimited resources to stay in the game. Whether these larger corporations will completely stay on top or not remains to be seen.

Many biodiesel companies are on the rise, and in the near future these companies may be placed high in the market, on an even footing with fossil fuel energy companies. Countries around the world are moving towards fuel sources which are renewable and are friendly to the earth and the environment, and biodiesel meets both of these criteria. It may not be too far in the near future when companies that manufacture this fuel are the leaders in the energy, just like the oil giants are today. Many of these biodiesel companies may be affiliated with the the fossil fuel companies that are leading the energy sector today, because the oil companies have the capital and the biodiesel companies have the technology. When these are put together it could mean an end to fossil fuel dependence, and a cleaner world in the future.

Alternative Energy Business
  • There are many reasons to start an alternative energy business
  • Renewable energy stocks in your company can be a wise investment for friends and family members
  • Alternative energy funds are opening up, with the new president and administration making this change a priority

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