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Alternative Energy Advantages

Secondary level approach to implementation of alternative energy. Each benefit offers multiple levels of positive outcome.
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State Energy Efficiency Scoreboard

In the effort to be more eco-friendly, each state has implemented its own green practices and policies with varying degrees of success. The American Council for an Energy Efficient Economy recently released the top ranking states in terms of energy efficiency and overall environmental stewardship. The state energy efficiency scoreboard currently looks like this:
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Alternative Energy Sources
  • There are a number of alternative energy sources being developed, and some of these show great potential
  • Renewable power sources for the future must be ones which are very environmentally friendly, and do not pollute or harm the ozone layer
  • Algae, food and municipal waste, tidal power, and fungi are all alternatives that are dynamically developing when it comes to clean energy

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Alternative Energy Advantages

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Green Jet Fuel

Sustainable Power Corp. can produce green jet fuel from municipal solid waste and other biomass material.
Testing on green jet fuel by an independent lab, AmSpec Services LLC, showed the product exceeded the specifications for traditional jet fuel and is a viable alternative.
A mixture of ten percent green jet fuel and ninety percent traditional jet fuel is just as effective and much cleaner for the environment than traditional jet fuel alone.

In a press release that was recently made public, Sustainable Power Corp. has announced that they can produce green jet fuel which can be used in planes as a replacement for part of the traditional jet fuel. This announcement can have far reaching implications, both for fossil fuel use in the future and the condition and shape of the environment. SSTP is a biofuel production company that uses an innovated patented technology called the Riviera process to create a biofuel called Vertroleum. This crude fuel can often be used in place of fossil oils or fuels because it contains the same hydrogen that crude oil from the ground does. This means the production of a green jet fuel which significantly lowers the carbon emissions released by the plane while in operation, and will also reduce smog, pollution, and particulates in the air that are harmful to the environment and atmosphere.

It is a fact that almost twenty billion gallons of jet fuel was used in a single year, 2007, and this amount may increase if the number of airlines and flights increases. Considering this information, Sustainable Power Corp. reached an agreement with an airline that is private and will not be disclosed. The airline replaced ten percent of their traditional fossil jet fuel with green jet fuel from Sustainable Power Corp. during their flights. The results were incredible, and independent testing of the combined fuels show that green jet fuel from SSTP is a viable alternative when mixed in this specified amount. The laboratory, AmSpec Services, LLC, has reached the conclusion that not only will green jet fuel from Sustainable Power Corp. replace some portion of traditional jet fuel, but Vertroleum can also be turned into more than sixty other fuels and products as well.

Municipal Solid Waste

The Riviera process used by SSTP allows biomass to be cycled and turned into biofuel in eight minutes, and all biomass including municipal solid waste can be used for the process. This means that at some point in the future garbage from your home may power passenger airplanes through the skies. The testing done by AmSpec services gave results which show that the bio-jet fuel not only met the current jet fuel specifications but actually exceeded these specification. This proves that green jet fuel can be used to help lower the carbon footprint left on the planet, and eliminate pollution and greenhouse gases which contribute to global warming. Sustainable Power Corp. was only started in 2006, but the company has come a long way, and had a big impact on the environment and meeting energy needs. Even President Obama is aware of the enormous potential this company holds to meeting future energy needs without being dependent on foreign oil or limited fossil fuels.

Biofuel Production

Green jet fuel is just one more aspect of biofuel production that Sustainable Power Corp. excels at. This bio-jet fuel can be used to replace part of the traditional jet fuel in every passenger airplane, and possibly even military airplanes and jets which use traditional jet fuel to operate. This could have an enormous beneficial effect on the environment, ensuring that global warming is slowed and that pollution and harmful emissions are greatly minimized. The green jet fuel produced by SSTP can be created using any type of biomass, and this includes plants and municipal solid waste. This technology opens up an incredible array of possibilities for future air travel as well, in a way that does not harm the environment and uses renewable energy sources. Green jet fuel can solve two problems, eliminating solid municipal waste and providing a cleaner eco friendly alternative source of energy and fuel for airplanes.

Rivera Process
  • The Rivera process utilized by Sustainable Power Corp. for biofuel production uses the latest innovative technology and has numerous benefits over other methods
  • The Rivera process can turn municipal solid waste into biogas and biofuel in less than eight minutes, making it a very quick and effective conversion process
  • Biofuel production is important to ending the dependence on fossil fuels and foreign oils


Sustainable Power Corp

Sustainable Power Corp. uses the Rivera process, a patented innovative process that offers many benefits in biofuel production and municipal solid waste management. The Rivera process was developed by inventor John H. Rivera, and can be used to turn any type of biomass, including algae biomass and woody biomass, into biogas and other alternative energy biofuels and products. The Rivera process is very fast and convenient, and municipal solid waste can be used for biofuel production, and completely finish the process in under eight minutes. Energy from municipal solid waste conversion provides clean burning energy sources, like biofuels, instead of using fossil fuels for energy. Fossil fuels are no longer a viable energy source for several reasons, and biofuel production and renewable alternative energy sources will be needed for future energy needs.

Biofuel Production

It takes fossil fuels thousands and millions of years to be replaced, and there is a very limited supply of these fuels left in the earth. Without viable replacements for these fuels there could be a disastrous energy crisis shortly in the future when fossil fuels run out. Sustainable Power Corp. is a leader when it comes to answering this question, and addressing the issue of municipal solid waste management at the same time. The Rivera process can convert hundreds of tons of municipal solid waste every day into biofuel for each conversion plant in operation. This will prevent traditional landfilling methods and land use for this waste. This allows garbage which is discarded and could become a problem, such as the garbage barge to nowhere that no one would accept, to become part of the renewable energy solution.

Algae Biomass

The Rivera process can use all types of biomass, and this includes municipal solid waste, woody biomass, algae biomass, and others, in biofuel production to produce three types of products. These products include biogas, biofuel, and biochar. This process creates fuels and gases which do not have large carbon emissions and do not contribute to global warming. The biochar produced during the Rivera process can be mixed with the soil to enrich it and act as a natural carbon sink to remove carbon from the air and environment. This is what makes Sustainable Power Corp. a leader and innovator in the green energy sector. The Rivera process means biofuels which are produced from municipal solid waste, reducing and eliminating carbon emissions which contribute to global warming and environmental damage. In addition, municipal solid waste management is much easier, eco-friendly, and efficient, and there is no need for extensive land use to hold this waste. There is also the food supply factor, with many countries upset because of the belief that biofuel causes food shortages. Biofuel production from municipal solid waste does not draw this controversy or criticism.

Municipal Solid Waste

SSTP uses the innovative Rivera process because of the numerous benefits it offers. This process uses the latest cutting edge research and technology, combined with nano bacteria and other components, to greatly improve and speed up the biofuel production process. In less than eight minutes municipal solid waste, woody biomass, algae biomass, or any other type of biomass, can be turned into biofuel and biogas that has significant benefits over fossil fuels when it comes to environmental damage and carbon emissions. Sustainable Power Corp. and the Rivera process offers fabulous benefits when it comes to biofuel production and municipal solid waste management both.

Sustainable Power Corp.

Sustainable Power Corp. has made public claims that it takes less than nine minutes to turn municipal solid waste, also known as trash, into gas using new waste to energy technology. In addition, the gas created was tested at an independent lab to determine the quality and components. The lab, AmSpec, collected the gas from the Baytown, Texas, Sustainable Power Corp. plant and then took it to the lab to be tested using a Gas Chromatograph. The tests confirm what the companies claims, that their trademarked biogas Vertroleum® made from municipal solid waste has no carbon monoxide at all, and has the energy capacity to power the largest turbines in the world.

Most waste to energy conversion methods have several disadvantages. If small waste to energy conversion plants are used, they are not usually very efficient because of the energy needed just to operate the plant. The biofuel production may cause fly-ash, which can have toxic metals like lead or cadmium in it, from the incineration or refining process. If the fuel produced has a lower heat content, it may actually contribute more to global warming than traditional fossil fuels do. Some waste to energy conversions plants may have harmful emissions including furans and dioxins, depending on the type of municipal solid waste used and whether it has been sorted. After doing extensive research, I can not find any of these disadvantages with the waste to energy conversion process used by Sustainable Power Corp. This company uses a new patented process called the Rivera process, named after John H. Rivera who invented it. The process is similar to gas pyrolysis, but is many times more effective and environmentally friendly. Because of this process, even small waste to energy conversion plants operated by Sustainable Power Corp. will be highly efficient. There is no flyash produced, and the fuel produced has a high energy content. There are no harmful emissions either, as shown by independent testing.


The biogas produced from municipal solid waste using the Riviera process is called Vertroleum®. This biogas may prove to be one of the energy sources for the world in the future. The advanced technology used by Sustainable Power Corp. has produced a number of products that can replace fossil fuels, and eliminate environmental damage and pollution. Vertroleum® offers many benefits over traditional gasoline or diesel fuels, to the environment and the global population. The fact that Sustainable Power Corp. can turn municipal solid waste into biogas in under nine minutes is amazing, and could solve two problems at once. The earth is being polluted by municipal solid waste, landfills are overflowing, and waste management is becoming more complex. In addition, the dependence on fossil fuels and foreign oil must end, because the earth is becoming polluted, global warming is increasing, and fossil fuels are quickly becoming depleted and can not be replaced. Foreign oil also poses political and supply problems. Sustainable Power Corp. has come up with a solution that solves these problems, and has the ability to avert an energy crisis when fossil fuels run out. Waste to energy conversion plants are going to play a large role in the energy future, for both waste management and energy needs. Sustainable Power Corp. is poised to be right in the middle of this future with their new alternative energy technology, and their ability to meet global energy needs.

Sustainable Power Corp

Claims made by Sustainable Power Corp state that fossil fuels will not be needed for the generation of electricity, and that another source of sustainable power will be used instead, in the form of municipal waste. This makes many people, including me, skeptical. There are many municipal waste to energy plants in operation, and each has disadvantages. Some of these plants are not very efficient, using just as much or more energy during the process as they create. This is counter productive, because there is little or no net energy gain. Many times the biogas or other biofuel products produced are low heat energy fuels, so they are not very effective either. In addition, many municipal waste to energy plants still cause pollutions and toxins to be released into the air, as well as fly-ash which can contain heavy metals that can accumulate in the body.

Fossil Fuels

There is a global dependence on electricity, and many times this electricity is generated using coal and other fossil fuels, which does great environmental damage and relies on a limited natural resource that can not be replaced. Alternative energy sources are needed for the generation of electricity, to end the dependence on fossil fuels and foreign energy sources like oil, and that seems to be what SSTP is offering. But is it too good to be true, and what are the disadvantages? If it can be done, then why hasn’t another waste to energy plant already operating done it before now? The answer that I found concerns the innovative new technology and patented process that is used by the company to turn municipal waste into a biogas called Vertroleum®, which is then used to power generators that generate electricity from the biogas. The patented process is called the Riviera process, and it is quite similar to gas pyrolysis, only much more effective. Sustainable Power Corp. has used advanced technology to create a municipal waste to energy conversion process which is ten times more efficient and effective as the usual waste to energy incineration plants. This means a much higher electricity generation potential. The Riviera process has much less pollution than other waste to energy methods, which is another benefit because it is a lot more eco friendly.

Electricity Generation

So who is Sustainable Power Corp., and what are the disadvantages of their municipal waste to energy conversion process? Sustainable Power Corp. was started in 2006, and provides green energy sources internationally. The focus of the company is environmentally safe energy generation, and the company has made great strides in this direction since it was started. The process used to create energy and biofuels from municipal waste, the patented Riviera process, is a significant advancement in alternative energy technology and is extremely efficient. It has much lower pollution and emission levels, it produces high heat fuels, there is a large net energy gain, there is no flyash or toxins released, no water is wasted, and the biomass used in the process is municipal waste and not food feedstock. This eliminates the controversy that occurs over most biofuels, because they are made with corn, soybeans, and other feedstock that could be used in the food chain instead. I can not find any disadvantages to this municipal waste to energy conversion process, or the resulting biogas and electricity generation. With fossil fuels being depleted rapidly, waste to energy programs which are efficient and minimize pollution will become an important alternative energy source in the future. Sustainable Power Corp. appears to be in the lead in this industry, and may play a big part in supplying the global energy needs of the future.

Investment In Renewable Energy

An investment in renewable energy is an investment in the future of energy. Wind energy benefits have made this alternative energy source much more efficient and cost effective than it used to be. Solar power electricity is another form of renewable energy. An investment in renewable energy means a great opportunity to save the planet and get a good return on your investment capital at the same time. Alternative sources of energy, ones which are clean and do not rely on fossil fuels or have harmful carbon and other greenhouse gas emissions, are the energy sources which will be commonly used sooner rather than later. With global warming becoming a big environmental concern, and oil supplies around the globe dwindling, switching to renewable alternative energy sources are a must or else the world will end up in the middle of a severe energy crisis. But does a recession change this any? During a recession, people tend to hoard their money instead of investing it or spending it.

The truth is that a recession provides more investment opportunities than a good economy, because prices and the market are generally low during these times. This allows you to get in at a better investment price, so there is a greater return potential. The trick is to wait until the market and the price has hit the lowest point, and this can be tricky. Too many investors get greedy, and try to wait until the extreme lowest point, but this can be very risky. Instead, decide for yourself what a great price for the investment is, and then get in at that point. Good investment strategies will be strong regardless of what the economy is doing, or whether the market is bullish or bearish. Renewable energy technologies are the energy future, and these investments can be a great opportunity.

The stock market fall and the economic crisis have combined with the recession to make investors very wary and tight fisted, and this is part of the problem. There are many high quality stable alternative energy stocks and investments to be found, if you are looking and evaluating the investment opportunities wisely. The leadership of America is ready to change in a few weeks, and the new leader coming in has already signified that he is a proponent of both solar and wind energy benefits. This is a signal that renewable energy technologies and investments will become more popular and more profitable. If renewable energy cost is comparative to traditional energy cost, alternative energy sources would be used much more. An investment in renewable energy means doing the needed research and finding renewable energy investment opportunities which are both quality and in your level of acceptable risk.

Renewable Energy Technologies

The renewable energy cost goes beyond just the financial aspect. Renewable energy can benefit mankind and the earth, while lowering pollution and preventing global warming from speeding up. All of these factors should be considered when determining whether you want to invest in renewable energy technologies or not. The renewable energy market offers a number of terrific investment opportunities, in wind energy benefits, solar power electricity, geothermal energy, and ocean power. The most important part of any investment decision is understanding what the company does, and the concept and technology used by them. This will allow you to understand completely where your investment capital is going and the true level and amount of risk that is involved. Renewable energy technologies show great promise, and an investment in renewable energy can offer large returns at times. Many investors look at a recession as a time of investment opportunities, instead of a time to avoid making investments.

Sustainable Power Corp

In a surprise move, Sustainable Power Corp. sent an open letter to President Barack Obama, extolling the benefits of their waste to energy process and pointing out some of the disadvantages that are present in many waste to energy processes. This is a bold move probably more intended to make the President aware of what Sustainable Power Corp. can do for the country than anything else. However questionable were the motives, this was a very smart move, especially in light of President Obama’s interest in clean alternative energy sources and considering that waste to energy is a viable alternative source when certain processes are used.
The letter outlines the disadvantages and shortcomings that are present in many biofuel production methods. This includes the controversy over the fact that some biofuel feedstock is taken from the food chain, such as corn to make ethanol and soybeans to make biodiesel. This has drawn criticism from many countries where the populations do not have much food. During production, some forms of biofuel require as much energy, or even more, to produce than they provide, leaving no net energy gain and sometimes even a net energy loss. Another argument is that usable water that is needed for certain types of biofuel production can also cause a disadvantage due to the large amounts required. Biodiesel requires methanol in the production process, which is a fossil fuel and is not sustainable. Another disadvantage of many biofuels is the thickening that can occur in colder temperatures.
The letter from Sustainable Power Corp. goes on to point out exactly how the company has solved and overcome all of the usual disadvantages to create a line of biofuels which are highly efficient and environmentally friendly. There were document attachments that confirmed the many benefits of the municipal waste to energy process used by Sustainable Power Corp. The patented process the company utilizes is somewhat similar to gas pyrolysis but with none of the drawbacks or problems of that method. The process is called the Riviera process, and it represents a large advancement in waste to energy technology. By advising President Obama of what the company can do and all that they offer, Sustainable Power Corp. may have placed themselves in a unique position to be the leaders in the new alternative energy market. President Obama has made it very clear that dependence on foreign oil an fossil fuels is no longer acceptable, and alternative sources of energy must be found which are produced domestically and are much kinder to the environment.

Biofuel Production

In the closing paragraph, Sustainable Power Corp. makes a direct request to President Obama to consider the Riviera Process for inclusion in any list of biofuel initiatives that would be eligible for any available assistance from the government in the future. The letter also contains a list of all the products that can be produced using the Riviera Process, and these include bioplastics, biokerosene, biogas, and many others. By alerting the President to what Sustainable Power Corp. and the Riviera Process can offer, the company is placing itself at the forefront of the debate over alternative energy sources. The process used is extremely efficient and has no disadvantages. In addition, Sustainable Power Corp. can help solve the problem of municipal waste management, because millions of tons of municipal waste are discarded every day around the globe, and many traditional landfills are overflowing. Efficient waste to energy is a solution which eliminates troublesome waste while providing needed energy, and the Riviera process is ten times as efficient as other waste to energy process.