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Source: BiotechBioEng brings a fantastic video interview with the father of the first bioengineering journal, Elmer Gaden, Jr., who shares the beginning of how bioengineering started. An interesting, somewhat whimsical and comical review of the origins and base in England, with typewritten manuscripts that had to be mailed to Europe. The field was new, scattered and there was a proven need to create an organized journal to bring all of the information together.
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9 Biotech Penny Stocks Investing Tips

5- It is generally recommended that no more than a small percentage of your portfolio (around 5%) should be invested in biotech penny stocks, as they are high risk. Make sure you spread your risk because, whilst biotech penny stocks can make you a good return, they can suffer from heavy losses too!

6 – Biotech penny stocks can turn into a great opportunity or a huge disappointment. If it is your first time trading penny stocks, consider creating a “dry run” account. This means that you try out your trading skills before putting any real money into it. Once you have made some consistently positive trades in this account, then you should put the real money in.

7 – Consider your biotech penny stocks investment strategy. Are then any such technologies that you consider unethical? What do you think about transgenic biotechnology: many people think that this sector of the industry is set for rapid growth. As with any investing, consider your desired risk level, and investment goals.

8 – Make sure that the stock is up on the penny stock price chart. These means that you can research into the level of support for the stock.

9 – Stay away from message boards when getting penny stock tips. They are full of scammers who are trying to manipulate stock prices for their own gain. Penny stocks are notorious for this!

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9 Biotech Penny Stocks Investing Tips

Penny stocks of interest to you? You like the flexibility they offer, the potential for large growth and the small amounts of cash that you need to put up? Then you might well want to look into biotech penny stocks. The biotechnology business has made big leaps and bounds in the last few years, and the industry is now using living microorganisms to create a wide variety of highly useful products and treatments.
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Microbial Biotechnology

Microbial biotechnology applications show enormous promise, and cover almost the entire spectrum of technology. Microbial biotechnology is applying the principles of science and engineering to material processing using microorganisms or other organic cells to come up with new processes and products. There are many different fields and industries where microbial biochemistry and applied microbial biotechnology can be used.

Microbial biotechnology can improve many different areas of our life, and in many cases it already has. The food and beverage industry uses applied microbial biotechnology in many products. Food like pickles, yogurt, alcohol like beer and whiskey, butter, cheeses, soy sauce, vitamins and minerals, sauerkraut, and many other foods and beverages depend on this technology. These foods and beverages require fermentation, which is done using microorganisms.

Medical science has benefited greatly from applied microbial biotechnology. Drugs that depend on this technology include all antibiotics and antimicrobials. The new antiviral drugs that are having an effect on HIV, AIDS, and even the flu are all available thanks to microbial biochemistry and microbial biotechnology. Research is being done in this field to discover more microbial metabolites that can be used to treat many different medical conditions and diseases. Microbial biotechnology can also be used in recombinant DNA and traditional gene therapies, using microbes and parts of the DNA strand to create medicines which are more effective and can target a specific gene or microbe.

Applications for microbial technology also includes vaccines. Without vaccines, diseases like smallpox, chickenpox, and polio would still be world wide health threats, and new vaccines are needed all the time as viruses and other microbes become known or mutate. This technology also has applications concerning health care tests and products. It is thanks to microbial biotechnology that we have fast tests which identify strep throat, HIV, and even pregnancy in a matter of minutes or hours instead of days or months. Health care products that benefit from microbial biochemistry include antibodies, insulin, human growth hormone, and many others.

Microbial biotechnology has applications in agriculture, fossil fuel mining and recovery, contamination and quality control in both food and products, environmental safety, the management of wastewater and solid wastes, and in environmental science, to name just a few of the industries and fields that benfit from applied microbial biotechnology. The applications that this technology can be used to benefit are almost endless. As the world becomes more modern, biotechnology using microbes is becoming more prevalent.

Biotechnology Investments

Microbial biotechnology can be applied to almost any industry to make it more efficient. This technology plays a big part in the medical sciences, the quality of the food we eat and drink, farming, ranching, and so much more. It would be almost impossible to live at all and not be exposed to applied microbial biotechnology. More oil may become available for recovery thanks to microbial biochemistry and microbial biotechnology. Microbial leaching allows the oil companies to get more oil from areas. Microbial biotechnology also allows wastewater to be turned into clean fresh water fit for drinking, due to the use of microbes which can detoxify the water and remove any waste components. Microbes will play an enormous part of the future of both mankind and the earth, and microbial biotechnology is the way that this will be done.

Since microbial biotechnology is the technology of the future, stock in companies that are responsible for this technology may be a wise investment. As we understand more and discover new microbes, microbial biotechnology will develop ways to use microbes to benefit the earth and all living things on it. This technology has an enormous number of applications in almost every industry.

History of Biotechnology

Biotechnology has been around for hundreds of years, and biomedical biotechnology was first used in the year 500 B.C. when the ancient Chinese discovered that moldy soybean curds could treat boils, because of the antibacterial action of the mold. The impact of biotechnology has only gotten bigger through the years, and these fields are exploding today. With an aging population that is steadily growing, and medical expenses continuously rising, biotechnology pharmaceutical companies are the cutting edge of biomedical biotechnology. Just like the history of biotechnology has shown, advancements in these fields lead to populations which are healthier and treatments and cures for many diseases that abound today.

The history of biochemistry is first noted in the year 1750 B.C. when the ancient Sumerians brewed the first batch of beer using yeast and other microorganism. This field has become increasingly important in modern medicine, and gene therapy and other methods that would have been considered science fiction decades ago are now becoming fact. Up until the middle of the eighteen hundreds, biotechnology consisted of hit and miss. In 1797 the first vaccine was given for small pox by a doctor named Jenner, and the vaccine was given to a child. Today smallpox has been eradicated, and exists only in laboratories. The last case in the US was in 1949, and the last known case in the world occurred in Africa in the year 1977. Smallpox is a giant victory for biomedical biotechnology, because the World Health Organization has declared the disease wiped out, and this is the first time in history that man has wiped out a disease. In the year 1855, the E. Coli bacteria was discovered, the same one that is responsible for outbreaks in the US every year. This same year Pasteur started proving his theory that yeast are living organisms.

Biotechnology pharmaceutical companies may hold the future of medical science in their hands. New diseases are appearing frequently, and biotechnology offers ways to detect and treat diseases. The humane genome has been mapped out, and medical science is looking to genes to move to the next step. Biotechnology is crucial to this process. In 1997, Dolly was created. She was the first cloned mammal ever, and she was an instant star and source of controversy.

Biomedical technology has come a long way since 500 B.C., and with further advances this technology holds the key to even more cures and treatments. The impact of biotechnology can be seen all around us, with life spans that are much longer, and cures for diseases that were fatal even fifty years ago. Biotechnology pharmaceutical companies play a critical role in advancement for this technology. These companies look to the future by using biotechnology to solve the problems of today. Just in the last one hundred years biomedical biotechnology has moved forward significantly. With all the possibilities and opportunities that microbes offer, as well as all the threats they pose, biotechnology is the key that can keep these threats under control while using them to the advantage of mankind and the earth.

Biotechnology Pharmaceutical Companies

Many industries rely on biotechnology. Medical science, agriculture, even oil drilling. The Exxon Valdez oil spill was cleaned up by microbes, as well as a lot of human help. In 2000, the bacteria that is the most common cause of bacterial meningitis was fully mapped, identifying the DNA and the more than two million base pairs for the bacteria. Using biomedical biotechnology, this has lead to a vaccine against this bacteria. Biotechnology pharmaceutical companies are the wave of the future, and investments in these companies is popular because of their enormous potential, as well as what they are doing to advance all industries, including medical science.

Biotechnology Stocks

A biotechnology investment right now can be a very smart move. Biotechnology stocks right now may be the fastest growing sector, with a large potential for growth. Biotechnology is critical to many different industries, including the health sciences and agriculture. Supplying biotechnology venture capital may help find a cure for AIDS or another common disease that is not curable right now. Anytime a biotechnology company has a research breakthrough, investors stand to make a big profit. More and more biomedical research is being done, to feed the world and eliminate medical problems suffered by the baby boomer generation, as well as all other populations. Biotechnology is the technology of the future, and by investing in quality biotechnology stocks today you can get in on the ground floor. Imagine how investors in biotechnology stocks who owned stock in the pharmaceutical company that created Viagara felt when the medical breakthrough was announced.

Biotechnology stocks are some of the fastest growing stocks and sector of the market. Life Sciences research is important for the population that is currently aging. Thanks to the advancements in biotechnology through the last decade, the lifespan for people has lengthened. There is always a large amount of research being done by biotechnology companies, and new developments and products are frequently discovered. For investors who own stock in successful biotechnology companies, these breakthroughs represent an opportunity to see your investment skyrocket. Biotechnology companies depend on investors to supply biotechnology venture capital.

Stem cell research is one area of biotechnology that has seen some controversies, because many people do not believe in this research, either ethically or morally. Investing in biotechnology stocks does not mean that you have to fund stem cell research, or any other type of research that you are opposed to. There are many quality biotechnology stocks that do research in hundreds of other areas. An investment in biotechnology stocks now can really pay off later, with higher than expected returns if the research the company is doing develops a new drug or cure for medical diseases and disorders.

Before making any biotechnology stock investments, do your homework. Research both the stock and company history, and make sure that you are investing in a high quality biotechnology stocks instead of a scam or fly by night company trying to cash in on the popularity of investing in these stocks right now. A biotechnology investment now can put you ahead of most of the other players, letting you in before the price and value starts to rise. New laws are being created to make it easier to do these types of research, and to develop new advancements in this technology. When president elect Barack Obama takes office in January, the US will have a new interest in biotechnology and alternative energy solutions. Biotechnology will play a part in almost all new scientific advancements from this point on. If you do not invest in biotechnology stocks now, you will probably want to kick yourself later when you realize what a perfect investment opportunity you were faced with and turned down, and all the investment profits that you lost by not taking advantage of this opportunity.

Biotechnology Venture Capital

Biotechnology stocks may be considered high risk by many investors, but a well diversified portfolio can manage these risks. Make sure that you did all of the necessary research, on both the stock and the company, and it is imperative that you understand any technology before you pony up any biotechnology venture capital. Understanding the technologies involved in your investment is important, otherwise you will not be able to thoroughly evaluate the stock and make wise financial investing decisions.

Biotech Stocks

Right now biotech stocks are hot, and this means you can get in before these stocks take off and go higher. Biotech stocks are stocks for companies like the drug companies and medical supply and device companies, to name just a few. There are five good reasons to buy these stocks now instead of waiting, and there are also ways to determine which biotech stocks are a good fit in your portfolio.

The first reason to buy biotech stock now is to get in on the bottom level, before these stocks increase in price and market share. Biotech stock is very hot right now because of many new developments in the medical and drug field. The human genome has been mapped, and many companies and scientists are working on drugs and therapies that are genetically targeted or altered. This may eventually lead to whole new levels of treatments, and the release of news concerning these treatments will cause the biotech stock to rise substantially.

The second reason to buy biotech stocks now is because these stocks are a good stock to hold, because eventually this industry is going to grow in popularity and demand. This means the stock could split, doubling your investment. With all of the baby boomers that are aging currently in America, the demand for medical equipment and new drugs and therapies to combat the symptoms and diseases of aging are going to become more popular and in demand. This means growth and earnings for biotech companies.

A third reason to buy biotech stocks right now is the same reason you should buy any quality stock right now. With market volatility, all stocks have been going up and down frequently, sometimes on a daily basis. Buying these stocks when they are near rock bottom means getting a great deal, and a terrific discount on high quality stocks that may be a very wise financial move on your part. Eventually the market will stabilize again, and biotech stocks will see growth. When this happens you will be glad you bought biotech stocks when they were low.

Another reason that biotech stocks are hot and should be purchased concerns the fact that many of these stocks are undervalued at the moment. This means that you can get the stock for a fraction of the true value. Make sure the underlying company has a good management team, and that the stock performance is at least par with other biotech stocks on the market. This will allow you to evaluate whether a particular biotech stock is a good fit in your investment portfolio or not.

Reason to Buy Biotech Stocks

A terrific opportunity for a great investment and significant return is the last reason that now is the time to buy biotech stocks. New drugs are being tested in clinical trials for diseases like Alzheimers disease, diabetes, and many other drugs. The company that can develop and market these drugs stands to see a large increase in earnings. If you own stock in this company, you stand to profit just as well. Advances in modern medicine have opened the door to biotech stocks that may not represent much right now, but can be a smart financial move in the future when the company produces a new drug or treatment option.

Biotech stocks are a new frontier for many investors, but these stocks show the most potential for the future. Choose biostocks that fit well with the diversity of your investment portfolio, and do your research to ensure that the stocks being considered are quality, but buy biostocks now before you lose out on a terrific opportunity.