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Source: Penny stocks have historically been known as a risky venture for investors and therefore many people shy away from these kinds of investments. This is a video that gives you down to earth, hardcore facts about the pros and cons involved in penny stocks.
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Source: has done this excellent video for the average individual on the topic of penny stocks. James Connelly displays a down to earth investment example that explains the details on penny stocks, what to expect, the strategies to use and the fact that penny stocks are great for the beginner investor. He emphasizes that investigating, watching, researching and analyzing the fast paced world of penny stock trading. Continue Reading »

Oil Penny Stocks

Because the oil prices have soared in the last few years, investors are increasingly looking into putting their money into oil penny stocks. These are also known as micro stocks, nano stocks, or oil small cap stocks. Oil penny stocks make an attractive investment, because they are affordable to virtually any investor due to their low prices.
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The Best Canadian Penny Stocks

The Canadian stock market is definitely booming right now, so it’s worthwhile looking into investing there. Even with the slowing of the economy after its rapid recovery from the 2008-09 recession, Canadian penny stocks remain a good choice for investment.

Before you venture out to get the best Canadian penny stocks, there are a few things you should consider. If you are a U.S. citizen, it will be necessary for you to find a stockbroker who can deal with Canadian penny stocks. Then you will need to research the top Canadian penny stocks and the companies that offer the best returns. To trade Canadian penny stocks you need to go on the Toronto Stock Exchange (or the TSX), which is a venture capital marketplace for established and emerging Canadian companies. Because of the increasing popularity in the TSX, some foreign companies also list their stocks on it.

Before finding the perfect place to look for the most promising penny stocks in Canada, you should know what the two most important Canadian stock divisions are. One is energy and the other is mining. When it comes to coal, oil, and gas, Canada has always been very popular as it has large quantities of these resources. Recently Canada has also gained popularity in such mineral assets like gold, silver, diamonds, uranium, potash, and zinc. To learn more about gold mining stocks, click here.

In some way or another, these commodities are all part of the Canadian stock market and are good industries to look into in order to find the top Canadian penny stocks. Another way to find the best Canadian penny stocks is to look at the “2010 venture 50.” This will offer you listings of the strongest mid- and small-cap companies that had the best performance the prior year.

Penny stocks are generally popular since you can purchase shares for $5 or less. Of course, you should be aware that there are many penny stocks that will not make money, and the risks of investing in them are quite great. To become a successful trader in penny stocks you’ll have to monitor your investment every day, prepared to make tough decisions at any time as the prices may fluctuate substantially throughout the day.

The best penny stocks you should watch for should have a good balance sheet, a stable financial performance record, and cash flow statements. One of the most important tips when looking for the top Canadian penny stocks is to examine the industry they are part of. Make sure you go for companies that are part of familiar industries or those that have shown to generate consistent cash flow.

The 5 Best Penny Stock Brokers Who Will Maximize Your Money

It may be a confusing task trying to find the best penny stock brokers. There are some that will be happy to help you and give your investment individual attention, but they will charge up to $100 per trade – something called a ‘full service broker’. Of course, when you’re dealing with shares less than $5, you want to minimize other fees as well.

Generally, the fees that a penny stock broker will charge are based on a sliding scale. This means that your ‘cost per unit’ will decrease the more stocks you purchase. This will differ from one penny stock broker to another, and large purchases are always negotiable. You should always avoid those brokers that try to charge you some hidden fees (usually listed in small print in their terms and conditions).
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Pink Sheet Stocks – How To Avoid Dud Penny Stock Companies.

Pink sheet stocks – How to Avoid Dud Penny Stock Companies.

Pink Sheets stocks are those which are valued at less than $1. They are called pink sheets because originally stock quotes were printed on pink paper before the electronic system was established.
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Pink Sheets Penny Stocks – The 3 Factors That Will Make Your Penny Stocks Explode

Pink Sheets penny stocks can be a good investment in rough times for the economy. If you ant to buy penny stocks, keep in mind that according to research done by the Motley Fool’s Ilan Moscovitz, in hard times small stocks outperform bonds, T-Bills and the S&P about 60% of the time, and often by a big margin. Many of these small stocks are not listed on the major exchanges, and are only available through penny stocks.
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Penny Stocks For Beginners – 9 Invaluable Penny Stock Tips

If you want to learn about penny stocks, then you have come to the right place! In this business, as I’m sure you are aware, knowledge is everything. In this article I have summed up the basics of penny stocks for beginners to give you a good background to the subject.
So, here are my penny stocks for beginners tips:
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Day Trading Penny Stocks - 5 Expert Tips On How To Day Trade Penny Stocks

If you would like to day trade penny stocks, then you have no doubt already clued into the fact that many experts consider this the ONLY way to trade penny stocks. Penny stock day trading can be nerve racking, and not something to be undertaken without a sound base of knowledge into how it is done. So, if you are asking the question: How do I go about day trading penny stocks? You have come to the right page!
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5 Valuable Penny Stock Secrets

Penny stocks are often not taken seriously, but this in part is because penny stock investors often make stupid moves like investing without doing the proper research, or investing based on other people’s recommendations or even pure rumors. Stock trading is about risk management and only when you’ve mastered that can you begin thinking about profit. Unfortunately, there is a great deal of investors out there who don’t take managing risk seriously, and that is why they get burned with penny stocks. I have written the following article because I know that penny stocks CAN be profitable if the investor truly knows what he or she is doing. So, here are 5 penny stock tips and penny stock secrets that you may not have come across before.
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