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The world’s largest producer of aluminum, United Company Rusal, announced plans on the reduction of aluminum production. The decision was announced by Oleg Deripaska, billionaire controller of the company. The reasons for the reduction are mainly due to falling aluminum prices on a global scale. Deripaska indicated that prices are at an approximate break-even position and the decision to cut back will affect about one-tenth of their production.
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Back in the day, it was so much easier to pick a stock investment. The well known brands popped out of the newspaper pages and the articles of their success were talked about every day. The investor could plunk dollars down and watch, over a longer period of time, as the value increased. While there might be a few stock performances like that out there, they are few are far between. Now, it is all about the branding and everything is done on the net. What line of business will show a gain increase and which companies are the smartest?

I think you will agree that the era of the business bubble is done. If you haven’t learned your lesson about finding the stocks that elevate fast and then crash, don’t bother reading any further. Investing today is more about the line of business that is proving success, than anything else. Doing your homework on the background and history of a company is also important. You need to make sure that you look beyond just the picture perfect presentations, to see the underbelly and know what you are investing in.
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Types of Shares

What are the deeper layers of information regarding share types and The actual class of shares? What information should we be aware of And research when thinking about shares investments? What does the ownership of shares bring to your portfolio? Continue Reading »

Stock Market Research

Who should you go to and trust in stock market research? Why is the history of a potential investment so important? What’s the easiest way to accomplish the best stock market research?
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Commodity Prices

Additional details of commodity derivatives, including who buys, sells and the detailed information on risks and profitability. Continue Reading »

Commodity Derivatives

History of commodity derivatives. Where did they start? How are they used now? What are the benefits of commodity derivatives and how are they bought, sold and in general, exchanged? Continue Reading »

Types of Shares

We have all heard of investment shares, but it’s important to know the details about the various types of shares and the classification of shares. What makes the shares of one company more valuable than another? How do you choose the right shares? Continue Reading »

Stock Market Research

What are the steps involved to accomplish your own stock market research? Why is stock market research the first step involved when deciding on making your own investment decisions? Continue Reading »

Why And How To Buy Foreign Stocks - Vital Info For Us Heavy Investors

In this article, I discuss why buying foreign stocks is so important now for US investors, and take a brief look at how to buy foreign stocks.

In the past, even during the worst recessions US consumers have still maintained their traditional high level of spending. This, however, is set to change, according to Mohamed El-Erian, an extremely successful investor and the CEO of Pimco.
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10 Advantages of Foreign Exchange Option Trading

Second level information on trading in Foreign Exchange options. Offers insight To the investor that is seeking to enhance their portfolios Continue Reading »