Penny Stocks to Watch

The penny stocks to watch can be concerningto any investor. Penny stocks are sometimes also called nano caps, small caps, and microcap stocks. SEC defines a penny stock by the share price of the stock rather than the market capitalization factors. Sometimes in the United States, the phrase “penny stock” will be used to refer to stocks that are trading outside of the big exchanges like the NYSE, AMEX, and NASDAQ. Penny stocks can cost more than a penny, but usually a penny stock is defined by a stock which costs five dollars or less and this is also the definition given to these stocks by the SEC. The chance for a big profit can be realized from buying penny stocks because of their low price, but there can also be the potential for loss because the companies are small and may not be well known.

There are some penny stocks to watch because they have great potential and a low price. Two of these stocks are SunergyInc, ticker SNEY, and General Metals Corp., ticker GNMT, for a very good reason. These two companies have entered into an agreement concerning the acquisition by Sunergy of the Nyinahin Mining Concession, which is owned completely by the General Metals Corporation, and is located in Ghana, West Africa. This will allow Sunergy, Inc. to explore and mine for diamonds, gold, silver, and base metals. These two companies are a good choice for penny stocks you should watch, with both companies trading at less than one dollar per share, and if exploration is successful these share prices could go up significantly.

The Skinny Nutritional Corporation, ticker SKNY, is another penny stock that shows promise. The company has reached a distribution agreement with Snapple distributor Seaview Beverage, which has a network that consists of more than 1,500 retail accounts, to distribute Skinny Water. The product can be found at more than 25,000 retailers and is growing. This makes the 17thdistribution agreement for Skinny since May of 2011. Keep an eye on this one, because you never know how far up it may go. The trading price of 10 cents per share make it an inexpensive choice that could end up being very profitable if the product continues to gain popularity.

President Obama said that alternative and renewable energy sources are a priority, which led to one penny stock becoming particularly interesting. Earth Biofuels, Inc., ticker EBOF, is listed on OTC. It sells for about 20 cents per share right now, but this stock could end up rising substantially. Investors may want to buy to get in on the ground floor before the price goes up. Nothing is ever a sure thing, but the winds of change might make biofuels a big consideration in the near future. Companies that are set up to help this agenda may do very well.

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    jim Says:

    A simple tip for finding good penny stocks – make a list of the major panny stock forums and join them! You can get so much good information over such a medium. Beware, though, that you need to weed out the occasional penny scammer who is on there as part of a pump and dump scheme.

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    jake Says:

    You are unlikely to find a penny stock broker company which charges less than ChoiceTrade, and gives good service. I have done a lot of research into this over the years, and have come to the conclusion that if you are happy with your broker and the fees are reasonable, its not worth moving, as there are so many bed eggs out there and you might get unlucky…

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    jason Says:

    I use ChoiceTrade as my broker. I have had a positive experience with them, and their fees seem reasonable. However, I will be looking round to see if I can find a company with even lower fees. Any ideas?

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    mike Says:

    Finding the right penny stock broker is a key moment in penny stock investing. Many of them are very greedy and cut heavily into your earnings. Make sure you do your research and get this right!

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