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Additional information on biotech penny stock companies that had the best 12 month list performance.
Todays Penny Stock Picks
2 years ago we wrote about 10 biotech penny stocks that have a lot of promise. Unfortunately, since that time the economic crises has meant that stocks of all types around the world have had a hard time, and biotech penny stocks are not an exception.

I will list the biotech penny stocks again, with the stock that has performed the best over the last 12 months (August to August 2009-2010) at the top.

1) Neuralstem Inc. is a company specializing in stem cell research. It is also developing technology that will be used in the future to treat diseases of the central nervous system, such as spinal cord diseases and defects. In the last 12 months, this stock has performed amazingly well, given the economic conditions, and has risen from 1.0-2.3.

2) Neostem, Inc. has received an exclusive worldwide license for some very special new technology. It enables specific (embryonic-like) stem cells to be identified and isolated. This has been a huge factor in the success of the company in recent times. In the last year, the company has gone against the economic tide, and has risen from 1.5 to 2.0 over the year. In May, it soared to 3.25.

3) Opexa Therapeutics Inc. is a company which specializes in stem cell research. It is also working to develop treatments for autoimmune disorders. This work could lead to great advancements in the treatment of diseases such as diabetes and multiple sclerosis. The company has been stable this year. Last August it was at 1.5, and this August it remains at 1.5.

4) Thermogenesis Corp. makes products which assist in the storage and processing of adult stem cells. This company is considered a leading innovator in its industry. In the last 12 months, it has fallen slightly from 0.7 to 0.55. This is not a bad result considering the economic conditions.

5) Pluristem Therapeutics Inc. focuses on the production of stem cells, and on the development of stem cell treatments. In the last year it fell slightly from 1.45 to 1.10, a small glitch in what has been a bad year for practically everyone.

6) Accuray Inc, has developed radio-surgery technology that has been successful in treating early stage cancer in any part of the body. The technology is called CyberKnife. In the last year, it fell slightly from 7.25 to 6.75.

7) StemCells Inc is a research and development company which studies possible stem cell treatments for a wide variety of diseases. It fell in the last 12 months from 1.6 to 0.9.

8) Geron Corp. is a well know penny stock. It conducts clinical trials of stem cell treatments. It fell in the last year from 6.5 to 5.25.

9) Aastrom Biosciences, Inc. conducts clinical trials on cardiac repair cells. In addition, it is developing other stem cell medical treatments. It has been a rough year for this company, and it fell from 3.5 to 1.5.

So, as we can see, about half of these penny stocks have had a disappointing year on the market. At the same time, the top three companies in this list have been doing well despite the economic pressures of the last year.
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