Wind Energy Stocks

Green investing has become much more of a mainstream investment strategy these days, as green companies and mutual funds have shown strong returns. Green investing was once seen as a fringe investment strategy by hippy types, which includes wind energy stocks, has become a major player on Wall Street.

There are many wind energy advantages which make wind energy stocks attractive. By nature they are progressive companies because of their industry. Any company that is involved with sources of renewable energy is at the forefront of technology and this makes it a desirable stock. But along with wind energy advantages also comes disadvantages. Wind energy companies come and go, and investing in them can bring a good return or a terrible loss. To help sort through the mess here is a list of wind energy facts about stocks that may bring a good return.

1. Mass Megawatts Wind Power Inc., symbol MMMW– This company produces wind energy equipment.

2. AeroVironment Inc., symbol AVAV – This is a company that is diversified, which makes it an attractive prospect.

3. Western Wind Energy Corp., symbol WNDEF – Western Wind has been around for nearly a decade and survive the worst of the recession. It is a penny stock, so be careful and do proper research. This company produces wind energy from turbines located in southern California.

4. Brookfield Renewable Energy, symbol BRPFF – This is a fairly new company in the market but doing very well for itself. In the last 2 years it has nearly doubled in price.

5. Finavera Wind Energy Inc. symbol FNVRF – This company is holding in there through these rough years. This is a penny stock, so proper research must be done before jumping in.

Before investing in wind energy stocks it is important to know wind energy facts and figures so that an informed decision can be made. There are several wind energy advantages and investing in the right company can pay high dividends.

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