What Are The Hottest Commodity Exchange Traded Funds?

Some of the year's hottest commodity exchange traded funds are kind of a no brainer. However, some are quite surprising. You should never jump to investment in a knee jerk reaction, but use all investing information along with trend and support resistance levels to gauge the value. Combining analytical tools and seeing what sticks on the charts is the best way to judge the investments you should be looking towards.

With the value of the dollar changing from cold to mild and whisperings of the real estate market finally starting to come back, we also see continued strength and growing in the China market.

In general technology markets are usually the first to take a tumble when there is a questionable economy. Surprisingly, there are many that have stayed the course and actually improved.

Energy ETF's have been on the upswing as new companies arrive to continue pursuit of exploration and diversification. Alternative energy companies are attracting investors as the general public demand increases.

The interest in precious metals, specifically gold, continues on an upward bound. More specific interest remains in the growing field of the smaller gold mining companies. They have a good product, are small enough to keep costs down but offer an excellent growth potential.

The real estate companies that thrived have proven that they are survivors. While the market took a plunge, real estate will always come back. You just have to have the patience to wait it out.

While China has shown some excellent strengths, there is a grey cloud looming that suggests a downtrend in their real estate market. It might have taken a while to get to them, but Western Culture tactics may not be the most beneficial. Word has it that their inside behavior is worse than ours.

The large financial companies are a given. Since the Federal Government basically gave them everything they wanted., they are like the rich kid down the street. Holding onto their toys and doing fine.

Here are some of the hottest commodity exchange traded funds for the last six months.

PowerShares DB Base Metals (BDD): 6 month performance: 51.32%
iPath DJ-UBS (JJN): 6 month performance: 47.98%
Direxion Daily Real Estate (DRN): 6 month performance 38.36%
Ultra Consumer Services ProShares (UCC): 6 month performance: 35.49%
Ultra Real Estate ProShares (URE): 6 month performance: 35.22%
First Trust NYSE Arca Biotech Index (FBT): 6 month performance: 32.34%
UltraPro S&P 500 ProShares (UPRO): 6 month performance: 32.07%
Direxion Daily Small Cap (TNA): 6 month performance:32.06%
Ultra Industrials ProShares (UXI): 6 month performance: 31.80%
Market Vectors Steel ETF (SLX): 6 month performance 31.39%
Ultra Basic Materials ProShares (UYM): 6 month performance: 29.54%
iPath DJ-UBS Copper (JJC): 6 month performance: 28.83%
iPath DJ-UBS Platinum (PGM): 6 month performance: 28.80%
Ultra Russell MidCap Growth ProShares (UKW): 6 month performance: 28.74%
Ultra DJ-UBS Crude Oil Proshares (UCO): 6 month performance: 28.54%
UBS E-TRACS Long Platinum TR (PTM): 6 month performance: 28.51%
Ultra QQQ ProShares (QLD): 6 month performance: 28.46%
Internet Infrastructure HOLDRs (IIH): 6 month performance: 28.45%
iPath DJ-UBS Ind Metals (JJM): 6 month performance: 28.38%
Ultra MidCap 400 ProShares (MVV): 6 month performance: 28.28%

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